YEP is determined to help needy youths shape their lives. This is the HOPE for the future of our nation.

YEP Club Membership Form

YEP Club Membership Application.

Training Scholarship Application Procedure


Step 1.
Download  YEP Registration Form 2013 above and complete it.

Step 2.
Pay your Registration fee of  Ksh. 1000/= plus any other scholarship charges, scan the completed form and send to and wait for us to process your applications and eventually send  your scholarship registration number.

Make your payments to
CO-OPERATIVE BANK – ACCOUNT NAME : Master Piece                            ACCOUNT NUMBER: 011485280025400 BRANCH : Co-op Hse. scan and send the banking slip to above mail with the following information in your Mail: Full names, ID number, scholarship registration number and the short course selected.

Your scholarship registration code will also be put in your student card which you will be using to access training in conferences, seminars & workshops.
The training commencement date in your constituency,  time,  the venue and any other necessary information will be communicated to you  on time.

Apply for scholarship online using the form below and for YEP Club Membership by going here.